PX110-60 High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages ,Rotation Range: 360° Of Continuous Rotation Motorized Worm Gear Rotation Stage

PX110-60 High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages ,Rotation Range: 360° Of Continuous Rotation Motorized Worm Gear Rotation Stage

1 Design Resolution: 0.02°, Non-MS Driver; 0.001°=36”, 20MS Driver 2 Rotational Velocity (Max): 50°/sec 3 Repeatability: 0.05°=18” 4 Absolute On-Axis Accuracy: 0.01°=36” 5 Run-Out of Top Plate: 15μm 6 Backlash: 0.005°=18” 7 Eccentricity: 5μm 8 Lost Motion: 0.005°=18″ 9 Parallelization: 80μm
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PDV offers high precision electric platform, high precision manual platform, optical plate, microscope bracket, long working distance objective, microscope lighting source, optical bench products for laboratory light path building.  

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PX110-60 High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages ,Rotation Range: 360° Of Continuous Rotation Motorized Worm Gear Rotation Stage

      Structure Specifications

      1   Item number:PX110-60

      2   Rotation Range: 360° of Continuous Rotation

      3   Diameter of Platform: Ø60mm

      4   Drive Mechanism: Worm Gear

      5  Worm Gear Ratio: 90 : 1

      6   Stepper Motor (1.8°): 42BYG - Stepping  Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle

      7   Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

      8   Load Capacity: 30Kgs

      9  Weight: 1.2kgs

      Accuracy Specifications

      1   Design Resolution: 0.02°, Non-MS Driver; 0.001°=36”, 20MS Driver

      2   Rotational Velocity (Max): 50°/sec

      3   Repeatability: 0.05°=18”

      4   Absolute On-Axis Accuracy: 0.01°=36”

      5   Run-Out of Top Plate: 15μm

      6   Backlash: 0.005°=18”

      7   Eccentricity: 5μm

      8   Lost Motion: 0.005°=18″

      9   Parallelization: 80μm

      Knowledge about the stage

       All stages move up and down for focus. With a mechanical stage slides move on two horizontal axes for positioning the specimen to examine specimen details.

        Focusing starts at lower magnification in order to center the specimen by the user on the stage. Moving to a higher magnification requires the stage to be moved higher vertically for re-focus at the higher magnification and may also require slight horizontal specimen position adjustment. Horizontal specimen position adjustments are the reason for having a mechanical stage.

        Due to the difficulty in preparing specimens and mounting them on slides, for children it's best to begin with prepared slides that are centered and focus easily regardless of the focus level used.

       A rotary stage is a component of a motion system used to restrict an object to a single axis of rotation. The terms rotary table or rotation stage are often used interchangeably with rotary stage. All rotary stages consist of a platform and a base, joined by some form of guide in such a way that the platform is restricted to rotation about a single axis with respect to the base. In common usage, the term rotary stage may or may not also include the mechanism by which the angular position of the platform is controlled relative to the base.

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Related product introduction

The honeycomb structure reduces bending due to the breadboard's own weight, so it can be tilted and forces applied via the soft spring supports accelerate the table as a whole without misalignment. Breadboards can therefore be used in mobile applications, such as on airplanes. Also, one can bolt a breadboard onto an optical table, build up a module of the experiment on it, and then transfer the module as a whole onto another table without the need to realign the components on the breadboard. Similarly, custom-built optical devices are assembled and aligned on breadboards, which are then enclosed in a case and shipped to the customer.

Information about our company

Beijing PDV Instrument Co., Ltd is a collection of optics, precision machinery, automatic control technology independent high-tech research and development enterprises. Since 2005, we have been serving the scientific research institutes and universities. We have developed the hardware and software system (optical path construction, software development, mechanical circuit design, etc.) according to the needs of customers. Through long-term unremitting efforts, the process of building the system to control the optical path and excellent service to customers, we’ve grown into a well-known manufacturer among scientific research, colleges and universities, machinery automation and many other areas.

our service
Based on many years of practical experience, we will be in accordance with the specific needs of customers, integrate into our design philosophy, to provide customers with acomprehensive system solutions.
We will use our long-term product and application experience, to provide customers with the fastest, most professional pre-sales and after-sales service.
As the manufacturer of this category of products, based on our strong technical support and production capacity, we are committed to providing one-stop service to customers, to provide customers with a comprehensive solution.

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