Rotating Rod Fixing Rod Diaphragm Fixing Rack

Rotating Rod Fixing Rod Diaphragm Fixing Rack

Rotating rod rack: PJ05 - (50-102) Rotating rod rack: PJ05-50
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Rotating rod rack: PJ05 - (50-102)




S can make the support bar around the   pole axis rotate 360 ° without changing the position of other parameters

S rotational part and fixed part   through precision bearing connection, comfortable, high precision

S center 12 mm hole, used with series   support bar

S have long finishing V groove center   hole, when the support bar height adjustment does not produce other location   changes, and lock solid

7   s   8 elastic   steel ball design, without locking also will support bar is fixed in the V   groove

7    s   8   support bar and rotating parts can be firmly lock

S convenient M6 thread at the bottom   of the hole with other optical bench connection


12 mm


50 mm


0.05 kg

Rotating rod rack: PJ05-50 


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