ZJ-3010 Post Stand Microscope Stand

- Jul 21, 2020-


    Accuracy: 0.01mm  

    Working Range:30*30mm 

    Glass Table Diameter:100MM  


    Interface Can Be Connected To The Work Surface :95mm

    Platform Dimensions:150*150mm  

    Scope Holder: Φ48mm Scope 

    Vertical Post Height: 260mm

    Vertical Post Dia.: 25mm

    Base Type: Flat Plate Base

    Base Shape : Rectangle

    Arm To Imaging Center:10~60mm

    Manual Travel Distance: Φ48mm

    Coarse Travel/Circle: Φ20x1.22mm  

    Net Weight: 2.96kg (6.53lbs) Net weight


    Dimensions :375x245x293mm (14.764x9.646x11.535″)

    Base Dimensions: :320x305x16mm

    Board : Black and White Board

    Board Material : Plastic

    Board Size :Φ95x5mm  

    Colour :Black and White