Working Principle Of Optical Platform

- Oct 18, 2019-

Optical platform is a kind of experimental instrument, which is widely used. What is its stability principle and its processing technology? In view of these two problems, I will give you the following solutions, hope you can adopt them! Please see the answers below!

What is the stability principle of optical platform?

  1. Use shockproof platform.

  2. Ensure that the environment itself is in a stable state.

  3. Fix each component on the shockproof platform.

    Optical platform

What is the processing technology of optical platform?

The process of processing optical materials, such as crystal, glass (optical glass) specially used for making various concave convex lenses and prisms, optical resin, etc., into optical parts such as lenses and prisms as required, is optical processing, including manual grinding and mechanical processing.

Optical glass or resin sheet, cut into materials suitable for processing the shape of spectacle sheet, is spectacle sheet blank.

Laser has a series of advantages, such as good direction, high energy and monochromaticity. Since it came out in the 1960s, it has been attached great importance in the field of scientific research and promoted the rapid development of many fields, especially the application of laser in the field of processing.

The traditional laser processing machine has been widely used in industrial products, and in recent years, it has also been widely valued in laser micro processing.

Laser micromachining is of great significance for the production of electronic devices, medical and automotive products with small holes or small grooves. Because the hole diameter and groove size of such products are smaller and smaller, and the tolerance of these dimensions is more and more strict.

Only laser can meet all the requirements of micromachining parts from 1 μ m to 1 mm. Laser processing has a small thermal action area, which can accurately control the processing range and depth, ensure high repeatability, good edge and wide universality.