Working Principle And Maintenance Of Optical Platform

- Jul 10, 2017-

Working principle and maintenance of optical platform

Working principle

Optical platform to pursue the level, first processing when the entire table is very flat. After the mesa is placed with four Unicom's airbag to ensure the table level. The table is lined with a square-lined engineering threaded hole that can be fixed with these holes and corresponding screws. In this way, when you complete the construction of optical equipment, the system will not be subject to external disturbances and changes. Even if you press the table, it will automatically reply to the level because of the airbag.

Maintenance and maintenance of optical platform instruments:

1 All optical glass devices should be careful to keep clean and avoid all kinds of pollution. If the dust, can be used to wash ear ball, soft brush dust, clean with fine flannel. There are fingerprints, stains application absorbent cotton dipped in a small amount of ethanol ether mixture (7:3) wipe. Protection should be particularly strengthened in wet seasons.

2 A small amount of lubricating oil can be added to the rotating and sliding parts of the mechanical structure. The platform should be coated with a very thin layer of oil to facilitate the protection of the surface.