What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing The Electric Translation Table?

- Apr 20, 2020-

Introduction to electric displacement table:

Electric translation table, referred to as electric translation table, is widely used in scientific research, laser application, automatic measurement and testing equipment, industrial automation and other fields, as well as the realization of vacuum, pollution, sterility, radiation and other functions. Environment automatic displacement control.

The electric displacement station system usually consists of three parts: displacement station, drive motor and controller. The driving motor and controller mainly determine the driving torque, positive and negative speed, signal processing, use functions (such as scanning, arc interpolation) and other performance parameters. With the progress of motor control technology, in addition to the mechanical part of the electric moving table, the motor and controller also affect the positioning accuracy of the electric moving table to a large extent. Displacement platform is the core of the whole displacement system. The main technical indexes of the system, such as displacement accuracy, stroke, straightness, load, stability, environmental adaptability, size, etc., are determined by it.

Electric translation platform is widely used in scientific research, laser application, automatic testing equipment, industrial automation and other fields; to achieve the control of environmental displacement such as vacuum, pollution, sterility, radiation, etc., what are the costs of using the electric displacement platform?

1. According to the needs of site and machine installation space facilities, two fixing screw holes or mounting brackets at the bottom are used for direct installation or protection or other mechanical use.

2. The supplier of China electric lifting platform also believes that attention should be paid to the exit angle of the traction rope during installation, that is, the traction rope should slide straight from the exit to the moving part of the mechanism as much as possible, and the angle deviation should be as small as possible. It can ensure the measurement accuracy and cable life. When the long stroke is installed vertically, it is recommended to install the rope extension ruler body at the lower part and pull the rope upward.

Three. Traction rope itself is coated with fluorine layer of stainless steel. Do not let it be affected by external force, but through combustion, cutting and impact: too much debris, dust or goods enough to damage the wire rope stored in the internal pulley or outlet will cause damage to the wire rope, leading to operation failure.

4. It is not installed in front of fixed seat or workbench. It is forbidden to take out the steel cable by hand or other products to make it rebound instantly. This action will lead to the breakage of steel cable, which will endanger the body structure and personal safety.

5. If it is used for non-linear movement mechanism, please install appropriate pulley to make curve movement run in straight line and bind. Please install your own protective device when using in severe environment or special occasions.