What are the common product characteristics of motorized rotation stage?

- Sep 18, 2019-

The motorized rotation stage can be used for 360-degree measurement, mainly for high-precision and large-load workbench. The motorized rotation stage can be supplied with a rectangular or circular work surface according to customer requirements. What are the common product characteristics of a specific electric rotary table? The following motorized rotation stage manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to this issue.

1. The motorized rotation stage can quantitatively convert the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion, and its energy conversion efficiency can reach 70% (ball screw). This indicator directly increases the load capacity of the electric rotary table.

2. Precision Motorized index rotary table movement accuracy is high. Positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy can reach the micron level. For example: If the drive motor is a stepper motor, the motor has a pitch angle of 1.8°. The pitch of the drive screw is 4 mm. It takes 200 turns for the motor to rotate. The linear displacement reflected on the translation stage is the pitch of the lead screw. It is 4 mm. Then the motor moves one step at a time. The linear displacement of the electric translation stage is 4/200=0.02 mm. In addition, the stepper motor driver has a pulse subdivision function. Each action of the motor can be subdivided. If 8 subdivisions are used, then each action of the motor. The linear displacement of the motorized rotation stage can theoretically reach the sub-micron level.

3. Different types of motion conversion can be used to achieve high-speed motion. In many applications, it is necessary to increase the speed of the electric translation stage. In this case, the motorized rotation stage usually has such a form. The drive is a high-speed servo motor. , the transmission is a large pitch screw, or a rack and pinion drive. Toothed belt, etc.. This does not sacrifice accuracy and smoothness. Under the premise, the speed of exercise is increased.

4. When the motorized rotation stage is used in combination, the tool mounted on it can reach any point in the three-dimensional space. Complex motion trajectories can be realized by linear interpolation control.

PX110-60 Motorized Rotation Stage

The motorized rotation stage produced by our company adopts standard stepping motor and standard interface, and our self-developed motion controller can realize automatic control. The newly produced motorized rotation stage is machined in multiple passes, so the precision is higher, the load is larger, and the service life is longer.

The unique worm gear structure makes the overall movement of the motorized rotation stage more comfortable, can rotate in any direction, and the air return is relatively small. In addition, the compact design eliminates the empty structure and automatically adjusts the empty backlash due to long-term use. This special structure ensures that the rotary table does not have end jump and eccentricity, making the rotary motion smoother.

There is a through hole in the center of the electric rotary table, which has strict coaxiality requirements with the rotating center. The center hole of the rotary table has strict tolerance limits, which can facilitate the customer to perform precise positioning. The outer scale circle around the table top is a laser scoring ruler for easy initial positioning and reading. The stepper motor and the worm are connected by imported high-quality elastic couplings, which enables synchronous transmission and greatly reduces eccentricity and noise.

The motorized rotation stage adopts a vertical structure, which can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table, thereby increasing the limit function and adding a rotary encoder. The product can be modified as needed.