What Principles Should Be Followed For The Design Of The Table Top Of The Optical Table?

- May 28, 2019-

China Rotation Stage Supplier shares that the mesa design of optical platform needs to follow a certain length-thickness ratio, generally about 10:1, in principle, it is not recommended to be lower than 7:1 or higher than 15:1. However, it is easy to ignore the internal supporting structure that influences the vibration isolation performance of the table. The domestic optical platform adopts "rice shape" or "well shape" supporting structure, and the foreign mesa interior adopts true honeycomb supporting structure.

The optical platform system supplied by China Motorized Stage Supplier includes an optical table and a vibration isolation leg. The optical platform can be used for instrument placement and vibration control. The optical platform table is an important part of the vibration isolation system. Its main function is to provide a rigid platform without relative deformation. When the vibration source is transferred to the desktop, the desktop honeycomb structure and damping can effectively reduce the vibration deformation of the optical platform. Apart from supporting, vibration isolation leg is mainly used to isolate vibration from the ground, and vibration isolation performance is one of its most important indicators. Other features include: independent leg height adjustment, automatic level, load-carrying capacity, optional height, magnetic or not, etc.

As numerous research institutions for optical platform to the constant improvement of the quality requirements and manufacturers of products constantly improve, currently developed optical platform type is various, quality is uneven, so before buying the product, the first thing to understanding of the enterprise for a certain, such as the nature of the enterprise to understand, comprehensive ability of understanding, quality standards, process route and after-sales service to service and attitude, etc. It is the understanding to the product next, for instance its material, the accuracy of treatment, isolation effect, product whole rationality, platform surface is fine, the craft sex of surface treatment, whole is beautiful sex.

Do not pay too much attention to one or two parameters of the product, the whole of the product should be understood, and a certain test. For example, important parameters in optical platform, such as flatness, platform irregularity, natural frequency, amplitude, working pressure and maximum load, should be understood and tested in detail. In this way, you can choose the optical platform you want to buy according to some important parameters of the product. All the exposed surfaces of the optical platform are smooth and smooth, and anti-rust paint is sprayed on the underside. The paint surface is bright and smooth without any dents. Sharp edge chamfering; The whole outside is neat and elegant. In addition, during the experimental use of the platform, do not leave water stains or other corrosive liquids on the surface. If any, wipe it clean with clean paper towels and cloth in a timely manner. The air compressor should be checked and refuelled regularly.