What Is The Product Characteristic Of The Displacement Table?

- Jul 10, 2017-

Manual displacement table series products are mainly used for the translation of objects, take-off and landing, rotation and other six of degrees of freedom adjustment, applicable to the degree of automation is not high and adjustment is not frequent applications. Our company specializes in the production of displacement table products include translation platform, lifting table, rotary table, tilt table, angle table, integral multi-axis displacement table, etc., products according to the itinerary, rotation angle, guide form, drive way and so on are divided into a variety of series, with each other can be any combination to meet your displacement trip, bearing, Number of dimensions to adjust.

Displacement Table Product Characteristics:

※ Special design of the side locking mode to enhance the stability of table locking

※ Stainless steel Material precision processing

※ Stainless steel high-precision manual translation table with imported High-precision Cross Roller Guide, higher precision, larger load, long life

※ High precision pedestal and countertop ensure the straightness, deflection, pitching, and parallelism of the table.

※ Displacement adjustment using micrometer or differential micro-head Drive

※ High precision small resolution micrometer to ensure the micro-displacement adjustment of the product at nanometer level

※ The micrometer head is placed in the center of the translation table and the operation is convenient

※ Stainless steel high-precision manual translation table with spring Reset to eliminate axial clearance

※ The mounting holes of the standard hole spacing of the table and the base are distributed conveniently and assembled.

※ Multi-dimensional adjustment frame can be formed with other series displacement table

※ can be installed grating ruler to show moving small displacement