What Is The Cause Of The Tilt Of The Platform? What's The Solution?

- Apr 22, 2020-

Automatic lifting platform is a kind of common lifting machinery in our daily life, which is generally used for vertical transportation in logistics systems such as factories and warehouses. At present, the automatic lifting platform is driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is also known as the hydraulic lifting platform. Although the automatic lifting platform is easy to use, it can help us to complete many things, but after a long time of use, we often find the problem of tilt. Tilt problem is not very serious at ordinary times, but once there is a potential safety hazard, it is easy to bring uncertain factors to the personal safety of high-altitude workers, so we can't help but pay attention to it. So what are the causes of the tilt of the automatic lifting platform?

The causes of the tilt of the automatic lifting platform

1. Improper operation

When the elevator is used, it is not operated according to the use specifications, resulting in equipment imbalance. The long-term unevenness is easy to increase the wear of the equipment, thus causing the inclination of the equipment.

2. Lift platform underframe tilt

Due to the lack of high-precision cast iron platform in many small elevator platform manufacturers, it is difficult to control the accuracy and quality of the underframe only by manual welding.

3. Quality cannot be guaranteed

In order to save money, many elevator platform manufacturers do not purchase the hole distance positioning device, and rely on the experience of workers to control the hole distance, resulting in inconsistent hole distance, and the elevator platform tilts seriously in the process of elevator.

Method of avoiding incline of automatic lifting platform

1. Ensure that the hole spacing of strut is consistent

In order to save cost, many small lifting platform manufacturers do not purchase and use hole distance positioning device, only rely on the experience of workers and eyes to control hole distance, which is easy to cause hole distance inconsistency. If using lifting platform with different hole distance, it is easy to tilt the table during the process of lifting. Therefore, when you buy, you should choose a professional manufacturer to ensure that the hole distance of the strut is the same, so as to avoid your worries.

2. Zero error in underframe production

Because the irregular lifting platform manufacturers lack of high-precision cast iron platform technology due to their unskilled professional technology, it is far from enough to rely only on the manual welding control level, because there will be great errors on the basis of human eyes alone, and the product quality produced is not stable enough. The lifting platform produced by the regular company adopts high-precision welding equipment, and the whole underframe production adopts mechanical automation to ensure zero error.

3. Keep the platform working ground level

When using the lifting platform, the four legs of the platform must be supported on a solid ground. When supporting the legs, the base level shall be ensured at the same time. The elevation of the mobile lifting platform can be more than 20-30 meters, and it will be enlarged when the small inclination of the ground reaches the top of the table. When the inclination is more than 15 degrees, the platform will be threatened to topple. Therefore, the working ground of the platform must be solid and the base level.