What Are The Key Points To Choose A Suitable Translation Platform

- May 07, 2020-

The precision translation table is driven by imported ball screw with high precision of repeated resetting. The precision type adopts precision ball screw with higher precision. The standard step motor can realize automatic adjustment and control of displacement

Linear slide guide rail (referred to as square guide rail) has the characteristics of long stroke, high bearing capacity, good rigidity, etc., which is suitable for industrial processing or environment requiring long-term continuous operation with high load

Replaceable servo motor, faster speed and higher accuracy

Special shaft end design to ensure long-term and effective operation

Special requirements can be customized

Features of precision translation table:

■ the guide rail is a linear ball walking precision grinding steel bar with light load

■ the precision machined base and table make the running straightness, yaw, pitch and movement parallelism of the table within a certain precision range

■ displacement adjustment is driven by fine grinding and fine tuning thread pair

■ micro adjustment to ensure micro feed of table

■ the fine-tuning thread pair is placed in the center of the translation table, which is convenient for operation

■ use spring return to eliminate axial clearance

■ mounting holes with standard hole spacing are distributed on the table and base for easy installation and combination

■ it can form multi-dimensional adjustment frame with other series of displacement tables

Application of precision translation table; electronic equipment, laser equipment, automation equipment, CNC equipment, laser equipment and other automation equipment

When selecting precision translation table, you should first determine whether it needs manual adjustment or motor control, and then determine displacement stroke, load size, displacement accuracy, resolution, desired boundary dimension and whether it is quantitative

The electric translation table controlled by motor | cross numerical control table can subdivide the circuit, the resolution can reach the ultra micron level, and can also be controlled by computer to achieve the purpose of automation. The electric translation table is mostly driven by ball screw, and the recyclable linear bearing or linear slider is used as the guide rail, so the stroke can be very large, up to 1 meter, and the load can be up to 50kg (slow speed can also be improved), Accuracy can also reach micron level, but the price is on the high side