What Are The Capabilities Of Optical Platform?

- Jun 18, 2019-

What are the capabilities of optical platform?

To achieve experimental results, the platform for the optical system must meet several basic requirements. First, China Electric Lifting Platform supplier shares that it must provide a rigid base for long-term stable mounting and alignment of optical elements without inherent resonance. It must then not only effectively suppress any vibrations generated by the motor or moving part of the experiment, preventing these vibrations from affecting critical optical elements, but also isolate the experiment as a whole from the laboratory vibrations caused by the surrounding environment.

If these standards are not met, adverse reactions may occur. Individual components or entire systems may not function properly. Important data can be lost in irregular noise, or it can be completely misinterpreted and misevaluated by vibration. In the latter case, unreliable data can lead to failures, hinder normal processes, and cost a lot of resources, especially when the system is a laboratory prototype for production equipment.

In order to avoid these adverse effects as much as possible, a variety of optical platform and optical bread plate design came into being. Ideally, an optical platform should have a rigid, flat upper surface that is not too heavy. After that, the platform is usually cushioned by an air spring to prevent crosstalk from ambient vibrations. Previously, countertops were often made of granite, cement, wood, steel and various other special composites to maintain acceptable weight while improving performance. While each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, the best overall result is achieved using a composite construction technique. Therefore, the combination of metal honeycomb structure sandwiched between two plates is widely considered to be the best material for optical platform and optical bread plate structure.

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