What Are The Advantages Of Electric Lifting Platforms?

- Apr 27, 2020-

General electric lifting platform can be divided into aluminum alloy type vehicle lifting platform, scissor type vehicle lifting platform, crank arm type vehicle lifting platform. But no matter what type of lifting platform, they have some common characteristics, and the advantages are obvious, so it is an important part of the high-altitude working machinery and equipment. The following is an analysis of the advantages of electric lifting platforms for everyone.

First, security

Each motorized Lab Jack is equipped with a safety power supply device, and the voltage of each operation button is below 36V, generally 24V. In addition, there are control buttons on the lifting table and the ground to improve the convenience of operation. Third, the electric vehicle-mounted lifting platform has an emergency system. In case of emergencies, such as pipeline oil leakage or power outage, the table can be smoothly lowered by manually operating the lowering valve to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

Electric Lifting Platform

Second, high efficiency

There are many types of motors and oil cylinders in the drive system of the electric lifting platform, and there are many powers. The lifting speed of the electric lifting platform is guaranteed, and the general speed is 3-5 meters / minute. The button operation of the electric lifting platform no longer uses the traditional operating lever, the operation process is simplified, making the lifting work more convenient, fast and safe.

Third, environmental protection

The electric translating platform uses a hydraulic transmission system. Its hydraulic oil can be replaced at one time and reused multiple times to improve the utilization rate, respond to the call of the times, low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, the lifting platform equipment is friendly to the environment, and does not produce impurities, exhaust gas or other garbage emissions during the work process. It is a relatively high-end and environmentally friendly high-altitude lifting mechanical equipment.

Fourth, high cost performance

Compared with other brands, our company's electric lifting platform is of high quality and low price, which is very cost-effective in the long run. Therefore, it attracts a large number of consumers and has after-sales service in place. Cost, product use, and consumer rights are perfectly protected.

What are the requirements and safety measures for workers on aerial work platforms?

The aerial work lifting platform is one of the lifting platforms. There are many types and complete models. Our company's high-altitude lifting platform can meet the operation needs of customers. It can also be customized according to customer requirements, eliminating complex working conditions and solving Operation intractable diseases, but also very common and commonly used. So what are the requirements and safety measures for workers on aerial work platforms?

If we want to operate and use the aerial work elevator safely, we should do the following, mainly: the aerial work elevator cannot be overloaded, and its operation and use should be handled by a dedicated person. In addition, in the ordinary use process, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating regulations. For its fault problems, it should be handled by professional maintenance personnel, and it is strictly forbidden to handle it without permission.

To some extent, the aerial work lifting platform is a hydraulic lifting platform. However, there are some differences between these two in subtleties. Therefore, on question 1, the answer is not necessarily, depending on the specific situation. As for the aerial work lifting platform, if you want to stop at any position, it can be achieved by PLC control.

There are some specific requirements for the operation or operation personnel of the aerial work lifting platform:

The operation or operation personnel should undergo special training and assessment. Only after passing the assessment can they operate and use the aerial work lifting platform. In addition, the structure, performance and other aspects of the lifting platform must be very familiar with and understood, so as not to cause damage in the course of its use, and in turn, lead to economic losses.