Vibration Isolation Requirements And Purchasing Skills Of Optical Platforms

- Oct 11, 2019-

In the laboratory, there are always some very delicate operations, which require a lot of conditions and instrumental support. Optical platform is such an instrument, it can meet different requirements of high-precision experiments. So what is its vibration isolation requirement? What are its purchasing skills? About these aspects, you may not know very well, Xiaobian for you to sort out the following content, please see the content Xiaobian brought to you!

What is the vibration isolation requirement of optical platform?

Precision vibration isolation optical platform is used to isolate vibration, which may be made of good marble platform. Good grinding accuracy

Air-floated precision optical vibration isolation platform with automatic balance: air-floated vibration isolation should be used, or active vibration motor should be added to eliminate vibration to achieve vibration isolation.

At present, this active high-frequency vibration canceling method has been widely used in many high precision applications.

Air-Flotation Optical Table

What are the buying skills of optical platforms?

With the continuous improvement of quality requirements for optical platforms by many research institutes and the continuous improvement of products by manufacturers, there are many types of optical platforms developed at present, and the quality is also uneven.

Therefore, before purchasing products, first of all, we should have a certain understanding of the enterprise, such as the nature of the enterprise, the understanding of comprehensive capabilities, quality standards, process lines, after-sales service capabilities and attitudes.

Secondly, the understanding of the product, such as its material, processing accuracy, vibration isolation effect, the rationality of the product as a whole, whether the surface of the platform is fine, the surface treatment process, the overall aesthetics and so on.

Do not attach too much importance to one or two parameters of the product, we should understand the whole product and carry out certain tests. For example, the important parameters of optical platform, such as flatness, platform roughness, natural frequency, amplitude, working pressure and bearing load, should be understood and tested in detail.

In this way, we can choose the optical platform we want to buy according to some important parameters of the product.