Type Of Optical Platform And What Is The Meaning Of Production

- Jul 10, 2017-

Optical platform, also known as optical Bread Board, Optical Desktop, scientific desktop, experimental platform, for the level, stability of the table, the general platform needs to carry out measures such as vibration isolation, to ensure that it is not affected by external factors, so that scientific experiments normal.

Optical platform to pursue the level, first processing when the entire table is very flat. After the mesa is placed with four Unicom's airbag to ensure the table level. The table is lined with a square-lined engineering threaded hole that can be fixed with these holes and corresponding screws. In this way, when you complete the construction of optical equipment, the system will not be subject to external disturbances and changes. Even if you press the table, it will automatically reply to the level because of the airbag.


The optical platform is divided into fixed and adjustable functions, passive or active.

Production significance of optical platform

Scientific experiments in science today require more and more sophisticated calculations and measurements, so it is important to measure the results of a device that is relatively isolated from the external environment and interference. Optical platforms capable of fixing various optical elements as well as microscope imaging equipment have become a necessary product in scientific research. One of the main goals of the optical platform is to eliminate the relative displacement between any two or more components on the platform.