Tips For Buying A Hollow Rotating Platform

- Dec 30, 2019-

Hollow rotary platforms are used in a variety of rotary motion applications. Combining high work efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, and high cost performance. The hollow high precision motorized rotation stage is driven by a motor to realize automatic angle adjustment. Finish machining worm gear or gear drive, the angle adjustment is unlimited. The precision shaft system design guarantees high precision and large load bearing; stepper motor and transmission parts are connected by imported high-quality elastic couplings, which eliminates space and processing shape errors. The scale of the outer ring of the rotary table is intuitive; the standard interface facilitates signal transmission; manual handwheel configuration and electronic control can be used manually. Optional servo motor or stepper motor.

Hollow rotary platform can be used for: 1. Rotary table in the automatic transformation of production line; 

2. Rotary chuck in laser marking or engraving machine; 

3. Rotary axis in precision alignment mechanism; 

4. Joint of light load manipulator 

5. High-precision gear direct drive; 

6. High precision, high torque, high rigidity, easy to use, with high-performance closed-loop stepper motor.


There are many choices of hollow rotary platforms on the market: type, quality, price. Many users lack of experience in purchasing, which has brought some difficulties to the purchase. Today, I summarized some of the rotating platform reducer tips shared by some industry professionals:

There are three things to keep in mind when buying a electric rotating platform reducer:

First, type

Different types of hollow rotary platforms perform differently in performance, quality, and price. Buyers must choose the right style and type of product based on actual use. For the hollow rotary platform of the Liming brand, it mainly depends on whether the bearing of the rotary platform is a ball bearing or a cross-roller angular roller bearing. Cross-angle angular roller bearings have stronger load capacity than ball bearings. For applications with relatively small axial forces, ball bearings can be used.

Second, quality.

It is important to know which types of rotary platforms are good or bad on the market, because quality is related to the service life and economic performance of the product. The hollow rotary platform of the Liming brand is a good choice. After the order is placed, the Taiwan factory directly manufactures it and imports it by sea. The place of origin is usually the key to quality.

Third, the price.

Different purchase channels have different prices. Try to choose a regular agent or the original motorized rotation stage factory to order, which can reduce costs.

In addition, before purchasing a hollow rotary platform reducer, it is best to understand the relevant market, such as the technical strength of the manufacturer, product customization and so on. Before buying for the first time, you can also consult industry people for more shopping guide information. Beijing PDV Instrument Co., Ltd is the professional agent of Liming hollow rotary platform in Taiwan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also ask us for product catalogs.