Three Characteristics And Functions Of Linear Guide In Linear Sliding Stage

- Aug 07, 2020-

The linear guides in the linear slide are interchangeable. The slider or the guide rail or even the linear guide group in the linear slide can be replaced separately, and the machine can regain high-precision guidance. Lubrication structure simple sliding guide if insufficient lubrication, it will cause direct friction and loss of the metal on the contact surface. However, it is not easy for the sliding guide to be lubricated enough. It is necessary to drill holes in the proper position of the bed for oil. The linear guide in the linear sliding table has a grease nipple on the sliding block, which can be directly injected with grease with a grease gun, or it can be replaced with a special oil pipe joint to connect the oil supply pipe and the shearing machine for lubrication with an automatic oil supply machine.

Due to the flexible rolling of the universal ball, the work board, material box, and other objects running on it can slide very flexibly, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers. The universal ball can be set arbitrarily according to different load-bearing requirements. For distribution density, universal balls with different bearing capacities can also be selected. The universal ball is available in carbon steel, zinc, and stainless steel. Its structural feature is that the ball is installed in the screw nut with a spiral groove as the intermediate transmission element to reduce friction. Both the screw and the nut are machined with arc-shaped spiral grooves. These two arc-shaped spiral grooves are aligned form a spiral raceway.

Linear Guide

Balls are installed in the raceway. When the screw and nut move relative to each other, the balls roll forward along the spiral groove, and there is basically rolling friction between the screw and the nut. In order to prevent the balls from rolling out of the nut, return guide installations are provided at both ends of the spiral groove of the nut so that the balls can circulate. The scope of application of ball screw nut pairs is expanding from time to time, such as aerospace, small-scale fine test installation, electronic instrument, and semiconductor installation, etc., which require miniature ball screw nut pairs.

There are many characteristics of the linear guide in the linear slide. As long as you understand these characteristics, you can better use the linear guide in the linear slide. The following linear stage factory will introduce the characteristics of linear guide in linear sliding stage:

(1) Self-aligning ability

The combination of DF (45°45°) from the arc groove, during installation, through the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of the contact point, even if the installation surface has somewhat deviated, it can be absorbed by the inside of the linear rail slider to produce automatic High-precision and stable smooth motion can be obtained by the effect of centering ability.

(2) Interchangeability

Due to strict control over the manufacturing precision, the size of the linear guide in the linear slide can be maintained within a certain level, and the slider has a retainer design to prevent the steel ball from falling off, so the precision of some series is interchangeable, and customers can follow their needs Order rails or sliders, and store rails and sliders separately to reduce storage space.

(3) High rigidity in all directions

The use of four-row circular arc grooves and a 45-degree contact angle of four rows of steel balls allows the steel balls to achieve an ideal two-point contact structure, which can bear the load from the up and down and left and right directions; if necessary, preload can be applied to improve rigidity.