The Scope And Importance Of Optical Platforms

- Feb 25, 2020-

Scope: Optical platform such as Manual Linear Stage, Motorized Rotation Stage is widely used in optical, electronic, precision machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, navigation, precision chemical and non-destructive testing, as well as other key equipment for precision testing instruments and equipment vibration isolation of machinery industry.

Importance: Today's scientific experiments in the scientific community require more and more sophisticated calculations and measurements, so a device instrument that is relatively isolated from the external environment and interference is very important for measuring the results of the experiment. An optical platform capable of fixing various optical components and microscope imaging equipment has also become an essential product in scientific research experiments. One of the primary goals of an optical platform is to eliminate the relative displacement between any two (or more) components on the platform.

Factors that measure the quality of a platform include stiffness, vibration, compliance, resonance, and damping.