The Main Structure And Application Of Optical Platform

- Jul 10, 2017-

Optical platform to pursue the level, first processing when the entire table is very flat. After the mesa is placed with four Unicom's airbag to ensure the table level. The table is lined with a square-lined engineering threaded hole that can be fixed with these holes and corresponding screws. In this way, when you complete the construction of optical equipment, the system will not be subject to external disturbances and changes. Even if you press the table, it will automatically reply to the level because of the airbag.

The optical platform is divided into fixed and adjustable functions, passive or active.


Optical platform is widely used in optics, electronics, precision machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, navigation, precision chemical and nondestructive testing and other fields, as well as precision testing equipment in the machinery industry, equipment vibration isolation key devices.

Main components

The basic components of the standard optical platform include: 1, Roof, 2, bottom plate, 3, side finishing face, 4, side plate, 5, honeycomb core, 6, sealing cup, etc.

The construction of Steel

The high quality platform and bread board shall have a full steel structure, including a thick 5 mm roof and a bottom plate, and a thick 0.25 mm precision welded steel honeycomb core. The honeycomb core is made of precise pressure-film tool, and the geometrical spacing is ensured by welding the flat gasket. The honeycomb core structure in the platform and Bread board extends from the roof to the bottom plate, without the transition layer in the middle, thus forming a stronger and more stable platform product.

Thermal stability

The key point of thermal stability lies in the symmetrical and homogeneous steel structures in each axis direction. The elongation and shrinkage of steel components in the heat exchange process are similar and can maintain good flatness during the temperature change process. The steel honeycomb core structure extends from the roof to the bottom plate, the middle does not have the plastic or the aluminum leakage management structure, therefore does not reduce the platform overall stiffness or introduces the higher thermal expansion coefficient. We use a steel side plate, not a plank, which eliminates environmental instability caused by humidity.

Precision Machining

Automatic machining process

Automatic machining system platform and the Special Bread Board is the use of automatic rail machinery matte surface processing, more than the old platform products smoother, flat. These platforms after improved surface polishing treatment, the surface roughness of 1 square meters (11 square feet) can reach ± 0.1 mm (± 0.004 inches), for the installation of parts to provide contact surface, do not need to use abrasive grinding on the top surface.

Large RADIUS angle

The platform and the Bread board design can also use the large radius fillet, this can reduce the sharp edge in the laboratory, enhances the security.

Main parts

Support Frame

The optical platform comprises a rigid, vibration-free support frame, a passive vibration isolation support frame and an active automatic leveling support frame.