The Future Development And Type Characteristics Of Indexing Disc

- May 08, 2020-

All of us may not have heard of the dial, but it is widely used in industry. It can help us to complete a lot of work. So, what is its future development, what are its types and characteristics, and the answers to these two questions. I have compiled the following contents. Please take these two questions to see the following articles!

What is the future development of indexing disc

In recent years, with the rapid development of aerospace, large-scale ship and ship manufacturing, mining and new energy industries, there is an increasing demand for dividing plates and dividers.

As a basic industry, machine tool manufacturing industry, in order to meet the processing needs of this kind of parts, has also made continuous efforts to develop a number of new machine tool equipment.

In the past few years, when the demand for large-scale machine tools was strong in China's machine tool market, Chinese machine tool enterprises developed a number of large and heavy-duty machine tools, such as gantry type or bridge type CNC boring and milling machines and CNC turning and milling composite machining centers.

Among them, the larger specifications are the vertical lathe of Qiqihar No.1 and No.2 plants, the boring bar diameter 320mm CNC boring and milling center and Heavy CNC lathe of No.2 plant, the roller grinder of Shanghai machine tool plant, the 16m vertical lathe of Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant in the early years, etc.

The market demand has promoted and accelerated the development of large and heavy machine tools in China, with remarkable achievements.

What are the characteristics of indexing plate

1. Optical type

The spindle is equipped with a precise glass dial or a circular grating, which is subdivided and magnified by an optical or photoelectric system, and then the angle value is read out by an eyepiece, an optical screen or a digital display device. The indexing accuracy can reach ± 1 ″. The optical indexing plate is used for precision machining and angle measurement.

2. Numerical control type

The CNC dividing plate is driven by AC or DC servo motor, driven by multiple pitch worm and worm gear group mechanism, with oil pressure locking device and solid rigid sealing structure.

CNC dividing plate is widely used in milling machine, drilling machine and machining center. With the four axis operation interface of the working master, it can be used for simultaneous four axis machining.

The numerical control dividing plate combined with spark machine can be used in the processing of bicycle and automobile tire mould.

The CNC dividing plate can also be connected to m-signal with DC / AC single axis servo controller for equal division processing.