The Electric Rotary Table Is Very Suitable For Industrial Application

- Jun 04, 2019-

The electric rotary table is very suitable for industrial applications

Electric Rotating Machine can be 360° rotation adjustment? Can be a range of fine tuning, fine tuning using fine tooth screw drive, spring reset, high resolution, no empty back;

1. It is equipped with stepper motor and standard RS232 interface, which can increase photoelectric zero position and realize automatic control with 7SC series motion controller;

2. Rotary shaft system is made of bearing steel with high precision, large bearing capacity and long service life;

3. The drive adopts worm wheel and worm structure, and the mesa can rotate positively and negatively at will;

4. Worm wheel and worm gear have been carefully matched, with comfortable movement and minimal space return;

5. Cleverly designed clearance structure, can adjust the gap caused by long-term use;

6. The diameter of the center through hole is limited by tolerance, and the center of the through hole coincides with the rotation center for convenient positioning;

7. Stepper motor and worm are connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling, with synchronous transmission and low noise;

8. The outer ring of the table is the scale ring. The laser marking around the circle can move the scale relative to the table to facilitate reading and initial positioning;

9. Replaceable servo motor, suitable for industrial applications;

10. The 7SRA1100T is equipped with a table with positioning sub-mouth.

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