The Characteristics Of Surface Photovoltage System

- Aug 27, 2019-

The characteristics of surface photovoltage system are reviewed by China Electric Lifting Platform supplier.

It is well known that surface photovoltage is the photovolt-generating effect of solid surface, which is the result of photoinduced electron transition. Surface photovoltage technology is an excellent way to study semiconductor characteristic parameters. This method can obtain relevant information by analyzing the changes of photoinduced surface voltage of materials. The following to tell you about the main characteristics of the surface photovoltage system of the Electric Lifting Platform.

Surface photovoltage modularization design, stick to the user demand, flexible economy, widely applicable, upgrading, transformation and maintenance are convenient optional high-power halogen tungsten lamp and high-power xenon lamp light source, also can use existing patent or specified source spectral system, ensure good wavelength accuracy and repeatability, eliminate the influence of multistage spectrum and stray light small ultra weak signal processing ability, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, choice of many patent rack for accuracy, convenient clamping, electrode of the Electric Rotating Machinecontact good, little interference to the weak signal testing.

Independent research and development of high performance weak signal processor, and can carry all the automatic control and signal switch: full automatic dedicated system software to integrate spectral system, multistage spectrum filter device, the weak signal processing system of parameter Settings and selection, automatic scanning, signal amplification and A/D, data acquisition and data processing, graphics file to automatically generate and display A variety of format of the data and images more groups of data backup and print function contrast function automatically remove bulky error, system error, linear error, automatic calibration cycle error, T.