Superior Quality High Precision Mini Motorized Rotation Stage

- May 21, 2020-

Product description

1. The standard stepping motor can be controlled automatically by the motion controller independently developed by our company.

2. The rotating shaft system is precisely processed by multiple processes, ensuring the accuracy and stability of rotation. It has large bearing capacity and long service life in the same size.

3. It adopts the worm gear and worm structure with precise research and matching, which is comfortable in movement.

4. It has clearance adjustment mechanism, which can greatly reduce the return difference.

5. Exquisite structure design, ultra-thin product shape.

6. The table has precise optical scale.

7. Electronic zero

Product Specification


Platform Size:Ø62

Rotary stroke:360°

transmission   ratio:1:90

Main material:High   strength aviation aluminum (7075)

Surface   treatment of main materials:Black   anodizing

Instrument   weight:0.6Kg

Center load:5Kg

8 subdivision   resolution:0.0025°

Maximum speed:40( deg/sec)

One way   positioning accuracy:0.05°/180″

Repeated   positioning accuracy:±0.03°/108″

Gap clearance:±0.03°/108″

Radial runout:40μm

Axial beating:40μm


Surfac:e runout30μm

Motor type:Double   output shaft 20 step motor

Motor step   angle:1.8°

Rated working   current:1A

supply voltage:24V±10%

Joint:DB9   needle connector

Zero switch:hall   sensor