Structure Of Optical Platform Air-Flotation Optical Table

- Mar 19, 2020-

Optical platform is widely used in electronic, optical, precision machinery manufacturing and other fields, as well as other mechanical industries of precision experimental instruments, equipment vibration isolation, then, what is its structure composition, about these issues, you may not know much about it, to straighten out the following content, please see the content brought to you!

What is the structure of the optical platform

The basic components of the standard optical platform include: top plate; bottom plate; side surface finishing; side plate; honeycomb core; sealing cup, etc.

Optical Table

Its accessories are:

1. Support frame

The optical platform includes rigid and non vibration isolation support frame, passive vibration isolation support frame and active automatic leveling support frame;

2. Other accessories

Other accessories of optical platform also include shelf, mounting base, under table shelf, vibration isolation accessories, optical platform accessories for mounting support bar, adjustable optical climbing frame mounting base, seismic suppression, optical bread plate cover, light shielding material, magnetic sheet, etc.