(Stability Tips) How To Improve The Stability Of Optical Adjustment Frame?

- May 13, 2019-

(Stability Tips) How to improve the stability of optical adjustment frame?

Manyoptical researchers are puzzled by the stability of the optical adjustment frame.Rotation Stage Supplier China shares that facing the complex optical path, it is possible to spend a lot of time to readjust the optical path before starting the optical experiment every day. The stability of optical adjusting frame is the first problem to be solved.

The stability of the optical adjustment plane, is very important in the process of actual use, often factors affecting the stability of optical adjustment frame including the external environment change and adjust itself of drift, in the case of external environment controlled or little change, adjust the frame of the drift into main factors influencing the stability, drift is mainly composed of organization, adjust the structure of the frame and reset card method and other factors.

Optical adjusting frame improves stability


High stability of the Optical Post Holder China

Provides better stability by:

Increase the contact length (from 10 ~ 12mm to 18mm) between adjusting screw and insert to ensure better stability of the frame

More reasonable point, line, surface structure, so that the frame in the adjustment of better stability

The special preparation technology of contact surface makes the frame smoother when adjusting

Unique tension spring structure design, to prevent part of the spring mechanism "jump" phenomenon