Specification And Performance Advantages Of Telephoto Microscopes

- Jul 10, 2017-

Specification and performance advantages of telephoto microscopes

Telephoto Microscope Specifications

◇ infinitely far optical system, tube lens focal length 200mm,

◇ Hinge Type Three eyepiece tube, 30° tilt, pupil distance 55-75mm,

◇ High eye point, large field eyepiece WF10X/22

◇ long working distance, flat field complex achromatic objective 5x/0.10x/0., 20x/0., 50x/0., 100x/0.9

◇ Five aperture objective lens converter, objective thread m26x0.706

Performance advantages of Telephoto microscope

1. Using the infinitely far superior optical imaging system, the tube lens focal length 200mm.

2. Compact and stable high rigidity main body, fully embodies the micro-operation of the anti-vibration requirements.

3. Large travel machine moving load platform, suitable for large sample microscopic observation or rapid detection of multiple specimens.

4. Modular function design, can be convenient to upgrade the system.

5. Meet the ergonomic requirements of the ideal design, so that the operation more convenient and comfortable, a wider space, a large and clear field of view.

The telephoto microscope has the characteristics of clear image, good liner and convenient operation, and is an ideal instrument in the fields of metal science, mineralogy, precision electronic engineering and nondestructive testing, and is suitable for use in schools, research institutes, factories and other departments.