Specific Application Equipment Of Displacement Table

- Jun 19, 2019-

Linear strip displacement table is controlled by computer. The standard product range is 75mm-450mm. It can also be customized according to user's requirements. This displacement table is connected to the computer through RS-232 excuse. It can connect up to 254 units in series at one time and other T series products of Zaber Company.

The product uses 6-pin cable which is easy to connect. Each close unit can be connected directly through the cable. At the same time, it is equipped with special lengthened cable for long-distance connection.

The user can control the moving position of the displacement table by computer through RS-232 line. The user can input the desired position directly, and the displacement table can report its position when it reaches the designated position.

In addition to computer control, the displacement table can also be manually controlled and the moving speed can be manually adjusted.

Displacement platform features:

1. Built-in stepper motor controller and motor driver;

2. Multiple components can be connected and controlled through serial interfaces without additional hardware.

3. Multiple T-LSR long-strip displacement tables can freely form X, Y-axis system or X, Y, Z three-axis two-dimensional or three-dimensional displacement tables without additional hardware;

4. Standard AC/DC adapters for power supply;

5. The top of the displacement table supports metric M6 screw holes and inch 8-32 screw holes.

6. The displacement table has a variety of lengths of stroke and screw for your choice.

Typical applications:

Biological life sciences, pharmaceutical medicine, optics, optoelectronics, optical fibers, measurement and testing, semiconductors, microelectronics, high precision machinery and machines, data storage, etc.

Specific application equipment of displacement table:

Photoelectric Microscope, Automatic Focusing, Microscopic Positioning, Micron and Nanometer Metering Scale, LCD Display Plate Production Test, Wafer Check and Positioning, Elimination of Vibration System, Large Capacity Data Disk, Production, Processing and Assembly Testing of Micro Products, Astronomical Observation Instrument, Adaptive Optical System, Optical Fiber Arrangement, Micro Scanner, Gene Processing, Micromanipulation Allocation, Cell Penetration, Micro Surgery, Laser Adjustment, Light Learn mirror adjustment, image stabilization, wear correction, micro-valve/pump, micro-sculpture.