Research On The Function And Auto Focus Of Electric Translation Platform

- Apr 24, 2020-

What is the use of electric translation table

Electric flat car, also known as electric flat car, electric level car, trolley, cross car, electric rail car, ground climbing car, etc., is a kind of in plant electric rail transport vehicle. Firstly, it is a kind of rail transport vehicle, which needs to lay track on the ground, and the track is generally I-shaped surface contact track; Secondly, it is an electric driven vehicle, which runs automatically under the drive of a motor reducer. Thirdly, it is a flat car, with flat mesa and no car cover. Under special circumstances, it can also be non flat but no car cover. The car body has no steering wheel and only forward and backward direction (even if turning, it will turn by the track). This kind of vehicle has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, large bearing capacity, no fear of dirt, no fear of smashing, easy maintenance, long service life, etc. because of its convenience, strong, economic, practical, easy cleaning and many other advantages, it has become a short-distance, fixed-point and frequent means of transportation of heavy objects within and between factory buildings.

Rail flat car

There are seven main technical parameters of rail flat car: power supply mode, load tonnage, table size, table height, track length, track spacing and operation mode. The most important technical parameters are power supply mode and load tonnage. The model of rail electric flat car is determined by power supply mode and its specification is determined by load tonnage.

Towing flat car

KPT series towing electric flat car is powered by the ground cable towed by the flat car during operation. One end of the cable is connected to the ground power supply, and the other end is led into the flat car through the iron clamp device of the electric flat car. This type of electric flat car is characterized by low table height, easy loading and unloading of heavy objects, but the running distance should not be too long, generally not more than 100m, too long and easy to wind cable.

Battery series flat car

KPX series is a battery electric flat car, which is powered by battery.

The battery provides power for the DC traction motor, which drives the flat car. Compared with AC motor, DC motor has the advantages of less burning loss, large starting torque and strong overload capacity. Compared with KPJ and KPD series flat cars, it has greater safety performance and flexibility of mobility. It can drive on curves and turnouts, with unlimited running distance and no insulation requirements for tracks. Therefore, it is convenient and cheap to construct.

Auto focus of electric translation platform

Automatic aperture: the camera is sensitive to CCD and automatically adjusts the aperture of the lens to control the brightness of the image.

Auto focus: it is generally used in zoom integrated camera. When the distance of lens is controlled manually, the machine will automatically adjust the focus. So that the image is clear.

Electric zoom: it means that the lens can be controlled to zoom at any time through a certain device.

There are also electric focusing and electric diaphragm. The sum of these three electric lenses is on one device. There is a kind of lens called "electric three variable lens"

Auto focus is to use the principle of object light reflection to receive the reflected light by the sensor CCD on the camera, and then to drive the electric focusing device to focus through computer processing, which is called auto focus

Active: infrared generator and ultrasonic generator on the camera emit infrared light or ultrasonic wave to the subject. The receiver on the camera receives the reflected infrared light or ultrasonic wave for focusing, and its optical principle is similar to the trigonometric distance focusing method. The active mode has energy method, which is used for the automatic focusing of low-end popular cameras and widely used in various head up view cameras. The active focusing plane is difficult to focus smoothly. It is difficult to focus on the subjects with large brightness and long distance. This is due to the sending out of the camera Because the camera sends out light or wave actively, it can focus in low contrast and weak light. For the thin line subject, it can focus automatically on the moving body. The disadvantage is that when the subject absorbs light or wave, it is difficult to focus, and it will be reflected by the glass, so it is difficult to focus through the glass.