PT-GD40/60 Motorized Lab Jack Z-axis Lifting Platform

- Jun 12, 2020-

Product parameters:


Platform Size:40×40mm/60×60mm

Lifting stroke:6mm/10mm

Transmission mode:1/2 wedge, grinding screw, pitch 1 mm;1/2 wedge, grinding screw, pitch 1 mm

Guide form:Precision cross roller guide/Precision cross roller guide

Main material:High Strength Aviation Aluminum (6061)/High Strength Aviation Aluminum (6061)

Surface treatment of main materials:Black Anodic Oxidation/Black Anodic Oxidation

Instrument weight:0.3Kg/0.7Kg

Center load:2.5Kg/4Kg

Resolution 8 subdivision/step:0.000625mm/0.005mm;0.000625mm/0.005mm

Mix speed:5mm/sec;5mm/sec

Accuracy of one-way positioning:≤50μm;≤50μm

Repeated positioning accuracy:≤20μm;≤20μm

Gap clearance:≤10μm;≤10μm

Surface runout:≤30μm;≤30μm

Motor type:Double Out Shaft 20 Stepper Motor;Double Out Shaft 20 Stepper Motor

Stepping angle of motor:1.8°/1.8°

Rated working current:1A/1A

supply voltage:24V±10%;24V±10%

Joint:DB9 needle connector;DB9 needle connector

Limit switch:Photoelectric switch;Photoelectric switch