Preparations For Installation Of Spectrometer

- May 31, 2019-

The delivery date of our spectrometer is generally about 45-90 days; in order to better ensure your normal use of the spectrometer; the following list of pre-preparation items, please buy timely preparation; in order to avoid delaying your use.

1. The user must make a special ground wire for the instrument (separate from the ground wire of other instruments), and the grounding resistance is less than 1 ohm. (For the normal use of your instrument, please be sure to carefully measure it.)

2. An AC parameter regulator (specification 3KVA, single-phase 220V);

3. Two bottles of pure argon with purity over 99.995%.

4. An oxygen meter (reference specification: 0-2.5 MPA/0-25 MPA);

5. A double-disc grinding prototype and a ground grinding wheel are used for grinding the surface of steel samples. For the surfaces of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and lead, they are treated by lathe.

6. An air conditioner should be equipped with a dehumidifier for humid areas, and indoor humidity should be controlled below 75%.

7. To ensure the purity of argon, an argon purifier (for industrial users of argon) is needed.

8. A cutting machine is used to process samples whose appearance is not suitable for spectrometer analysis.

9. A small vacuum cleaner is used to clean the spark table.

10. The national first-class standard samples corresponding to the products manufactured by the user; we can provide the manufacturer's samples.