Precautions For Use Of Optical Platform

- Apr 30, 2020-

The optical platform is designed according to the requirements of the general optical experiment program of the Ministry of education. The platform system is composed of the main body of the optical experiment platform, multi-dimensional adjustment frame, light source and optical elements. Teachers can select appropriate components to arrange experiments according to the experiment requirements, carry out open teaching, cultivate students' thinking ability and experimental skills, and improve the teaching quality.

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of many research institutions for optical platforms and the continuous improvement of manufacturers' products, there are many types of optical platforms developed at present, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, before purchasing products, first of all, we should have a certain understanding of the enterprise, For example, the understanding of the nature of the enterprise, the understanding of comprehensive capabilities, quality standards, process routes, after-sales service capabilities and attitudes. Secondly, the understanding of the product, such as its materials, processing accuracy, vibration isolation effect, the overall rationality of the product, whether the platform surface is fine, the surface treatment process, the overall aesthetics, etc

Don't pay too much attention to one or two parameters of the product. You should understand the whole product, For example, the important parameters of the optical platform, such as flatness, platform unevenness, natural frequency, amplitude, working pressure and maximum load, should be understood in detail and tested. In this way, you can choose the optical platform you want to buy according to some important parameters of the product

Optical platform series products have the advantages of strong vibration resistance and many mounting holes. They are mainly used to build optical path or fixed instrument in the laboratory, and also used in industry as worktable. According to different table size, materials and structures, they are divided into several series. At the same time, they are equipped with optical platform bracket for your choice

The outer frame of large-scale optical vibration isolation platform is made of medium carbon steel plate with strong rigidity, small deformation and good welding performance; the vibration isolation layer is made of honeycomb structure material with low natural frequency and strong vibration resistance, which can greatly control the vibration response. The panel is made of high magnetic conductivity stainless steel plate, which has practical, beautiful and wear-resistant characteristics after fine grinding. The roughness is 0.8-1.6 μ m, and the unevenness is 0.02-0.05 mm / m2

According to the specific requirements, different types of vibration isolation foundation can be selected from three series of our products, including 1.5-3hz after air cushion series vibration isolation treatment and 4-6hz after damping series vibration isolation treatment

Adjustment support part: adopt wear-resistant screw rod and plane thrust ball bearing, easy and reliable in use

Automatic balance system: air servo system is used to adjust the level automatically. Its outstanding feature is to feed back the response of the system to the micro vibration to the system, change the vibration isolation characteristics, improve the vibration isolation effect, and achieve the initial balance state in an instant under the experimental conditions of overload and bias

Precautions for use of optical platform

1. Do not wash the product with acid liquid to avoid damaging the surface quality of the product

2. Do not place this product at high temperature, humidity and high strength vibration source

3. Do not wash the product with water

4. This product is in a state for a long time, please use a level meter to adjust the table level

5. Any equipment or tools used on the worktable must be handled with care, and relative friction shall be avoided as far as possible, so as to avoid damaging the worktable and reducing the use accuracy

6. Worktable mounting hole is the M6 screw hole used to fix the equipment. Excessive force shall be avoided to affect the precision of worktable