PP110 -30 Precise Electric Pan Motorized Linear Stage Travel Range30Mm~75mm

- Jun 05, 2020-

PP110 -30 Precise Electric Pan Motorized Linear Stage Travel Range30Mm~75mm

High Precision Motorized Linear Stages:PP110-30  PP110-50  PP110-75

1, The stepper motor with 2-phase and 1.8° step angle will be sued in this model

2,  Low-profile, high-accuracy and apply to low bearing capacity, low speed.

3, The structure of crossed-roller bearing requires the precise movement.

4,Original position and limit switches are at both ends which can supply the precision positioning and protection.

5, Applies to use in single axis or assemble into multi-axis stage

Rotation with super grinding ,slide with v-shapped rail ,elastic couplings have adopted high quality high-quality products,supply quality assurance .The design of the limited switches and zero switch and standard interface are converient for output of DB9 ;Equipped with handwheel in the back of motor ,achieve manual adjustment;Standard hole is convenient for combined-dimensional . Application for little height of space,little travel,high resolution fields.

PP110 -30 Precise Electric Pan Motorized Linear Stage Travel Range30Mm~75mm

Item Number:PP110-30/PP110-50/PP110-75    


Travel Range:30mm/50mm/75mm    

Platform:90mm x 90mm/90mm x 110mm/90mm x 110mm    

Bearing Construction:Grinding Lead Screw (1mm of leading)    

Travel Guide:Crossed Roller Bearing    

Stepper Motor (1.8°):42BYG (Stepping Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle)    

Material:Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized    

Load Capacity:15kg/20kg    



Design Resolution:5μm/Pulse, Non-MS Driver                                                                                                                                         

0.25μm/Pulse, 20MS Driver    

Max Velocity:10mm/sec    


Absolute Accuracy:10μm    






Others:Optional Accessories    Brake Function (-Z), Grating Scales (-G), Servo Motor (-D)    

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