PP110-15 Precise Electric Translating Platform

- Oct 29, 2020-

Basic Info

Product Description

Model NO.: PP110-15

Platform: 65mm×65mm

Bearing Construction:Grinding Lead Screw(1mm of leading)

Travel Guide: Crossed Roller Bearing

Stepper Motor(1.8°): 28 stepper motor- SHINANO

Material: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

Load Capacity: 5kgs

Weight: 0.93kgs

Accuracy Specifications

Design Resolution: 5μ/Pulse (Non-MS Driver)

Max Velocity: 5mm/sec

Bi-directional: 2μm

Absolute Accuracy: 10μm

Straightness: 5μ

Parallelization: 20μm

Pitching: 30”

Yawing: 25″

Backlash: 2μm

Lost Motion: 2μm

standard stepper motor and DB9 interface, choose to any controller according to requirement 

The back of motorized stages has handwheel , it is for convenience for adjustment; 

Standard hole is so easy for combine with other units, ensure convenience for multi-dimensional system;