Positioning Speed And Positioning Accuracy - Hard Index Of Electric Displacement Table Series Products

- May 09, 2020-

Precision positioning is an important technology in the field of engineering. With the continuous development and progress of advanced manufacturing technology, for the size, structure

In order to achieve rapid and accurate positioning, in recent years, there have been a lot of research work and technical achievements in mechanical structure optimization, driving algorithm, control mode and feedback compensation of displacement table, The error compensation of displacement table positioning is an important work. There are many methods for platform positioning error compensation. The basic idea is to get the error compensation value within the displacement range of the platform through the algorithm based on the calibration data. The methods mainly include polynomial fitting method, linear regression method, neural network method, etc. the linear regression method Zui is simple and direct, However, due to the diversity of the error sources of the positioning platform, it is difficult to use a model to describe, and the curve fitting accuracy is not high; the neural network method uses the black box model, which has good nonlinear fitting ability and can better approximate the error output curve, but it has the problem of long training time of the model and large amount of data; Polynomial fitting method can achieve a high precision fitting effect in a small range, so it is often carried out in a segmented way, and the segmented size is obviously related to the fitting accuracy

The electric displacement table series products are mainly used to adjust the six spatial degrees of freedom of objects, such as translation, lifting, rotation, etc., which are suitable for applications with low automation and infrequent adjustment. The products include translation table, lifting table, rotation table, tilt table, angle table, integral multi axis displacement table, etc. the products are divided into various series according to the travel, rotation angle, guide rail form, driving mode, etc, They can be combined with each other at will to meet your needs for displacement travel, bearing capacity, dimension to be adjusted, etc. if our existing conventional products can not meet your needs, please do not hesitate to mention it. Our experienced full-time engineers are very willing to discuss solutions with you

Characteristics of electric displacement table:

* high precision cross roller guide rail, high precision, large load and long service life

The precision machined base and table make the running straightness, deflection, pitch and movement parallelism of the translation table within a certain precision range

The micro head or differential micro head shall be used for displacement adjustment

Micro resolution ensures micro feed of table

The micrometer head is placed in the center of the translation platform, which is convenient for operation

Use spring return to eliminate axial clearance

The installation holes with standard hole spacing are distributed between the table and the base for convenient installation and combination

※ it can form multi-dimensional adjustment frame with other series of displacement tables

Electric displacement table is widely used in scientific research, laser application, full-automatic measuring and testing equipment, industrial automation and other fields because of its high precision, fast speed, large load, large travel and automation. It also realizes automatic displacement control in vacuum, pollution, sterility, radiation and other environments. The electric displacement system is basically composed of three parts: displacement table; drive motor; Control box. The driving motor and control box mainly determine the driving torque, resolution, acceleration and deceleration, signal processing, use functions (such as scanning, arc interpolation) and other performance parameters. The displacement table is the heart of the system, and the main technical indicators such as displacement accuracy, stroke, load, stability, applicable environment and overall dimension are determined by it