The Performance And Characteristic Of PT-SD402, A Kind Of Manual Lab Jack

- Aug 14, 2017-

PT-SD402 is a kind of manual lab jack. It can be used in lab or industry, etc.

PT-SD402 Precise Manual Lift, Z-axis Manual Lab Jack, Elevator, Optical Sliding Lift, 25mm Travel

This product has a imported high quality cross roller rail pair with higher accuracy and enough load capacity. The lateral clearance adjustment structure could keep the movement steady. It also make the parameter of yaw, pitching and straightness to be the best at the same time. The micrometer head drive the machine indirectly. The reversing mechanism turns the horizontal drive into a vertical drive , thereby the adjustment of lifting is more convenient. The spring could be reset, so, you can clear the backlash. Both of the base and countertop have a connecting hole with standard hole spacing. It is easy to connect with other high precision motion stage to  assemble into a high-precision six dimensional adjusting frame.


Item NumberPT-SD402
Travel Range25mm
Platform65mm x 65mm
Actuator TypeMicrometer Head
Travel GuideCrossed Roller Bearing

Minimum Readout


Positional Accuracy

Minimum Adjust Distance2μm


Driving Parallelism30μm
Material – FinishAluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized
Load Capacity15kg