Parameters And Characteristics Of Manual Translation Platform

- Apr 21, 2020-

Precision manual translation platform: pp110-13-34C

■ the guide rail is a linear ball walking precision grinding steel bar with light load

■ the precision machined base and table make the running straightness, yaw, pitch and movement parallelism of the table within a certain precision range

■ displacement adjustment is driven by micrometer head

■ the micrometer head is placed laterally on the translation platform, making the structure more compact

■ use spring return to eliminate axial clearance

■ mounting holes with standard hole spacing are distributed on the table and base for easy installation and combination

■ it can form multi-dimensional adjustment frame with other series of displacement tables

Manual linear stage

Product parameters:

Model: pp110-13-34c

Table size: 34mm × 34mm

Driving mode:micrometer head

Drive position :side drive

Stroke: 13mm

Minimum scale 10 μ

Accuracy: 5 μ

Minimum adjustment: 2 μ

Type of guide rail: linear ball walking precision grinding steel bar

Load capacity: 2kg

Straightness: 20 μ

Pendulum: 80 ″

Pitch: 60 ″

Table parallelism: 30 μ

Movement parallelism: 30 μ

Self weight: 0.07kg

Material: duralumin

Surface treatment: anodized and dyed black