Optical Bench

- Oct 13, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

Trademark: labwe

Origin: china

Specification: high standard

Observe and measure optical phenomena quickly and effectively with this 1 m long illuminated optical bench. Optical components can slide freely along the length of the extruded aluminum rail, or can be fixed at any point. Includes: 

1 meter extruded rail; 2 pedestal stands and 5 sliders to support components; Graduated scale plate; 40 mm diameter convexo-convex lens; 30 mm diameter convex-convex lens; 50 mm diameter convexo-plane lens; 80 x 120 mm piece of frosted lens; 36 mm diameter convexo-convex lens in front of light source with movable bulb; Candle stick support, I-shaped screen, white screen, card holder and supports. Requires 6V DC power supply or battery pack.