Optical Fiber Adjusting Frame Is An Important Part Of Optical Machine

- May 29, 2019-

Optical fiber adjusting frame is an important part of optical machine

China Motorized Stage Supplier shares that the whole system is made of stainless steel with excellent temperature stability, which effectively solves the problem of drift. The cross roller guide rail is used to avoid vibration interference. Compact structure, compact appearance, beautiful, left and right pairs design, comfortable adjustment, full of human nature. Modular structure design, each component can be used alone, but also combined together according to the needs, the final realization of six - dimensional adjustment. Many optical devices have exactly the same center height and are easily interchangeable. The mounting fiber adopts an open structure, which does not affect the connection of the fiber.

Optical fiber adjustment frame can provide three-dimensional, axial adjustment quantity of 12 mm, vertical Y to adjust the quantity of 12 mm, vertical Z to adjust the quantity of 6 mm, light path center height of 79 mm, with excellent temperature stability of stainless steel materials, inhibition of drift, rigid structure design, avoid vibration interference, compact structure, small, both pairs design, equipped with dovetail, can install a fixed optical device, clever structure design, stable performance, high precision, complete sets of multi-degree-of-freedom adjustment.