Motorized Rotation Stage PX110-100

- Oct 13, 2020-

Basic Info

Product Description

Model NO.: PX110-100

Origin: China

Motorized Rotation Stage, Motorized Rotating Stage, Motorized Rotary Stage, Motorized Rotary Table, Motorized Rotation Table, Motorized Rotating Table


1) Equipped with step motor and standard RS232 port (dB9)

2) High precision fit; High load capacity; Long lifetime

3) Worm gear / shaft drive system; Smooth motion

4) Free direct and reverse rotation with little backlash

5) Special design to minimize the end runout and off center

6) Step motor and worm shaft connected with high quality elastic coupler; Low noise transmission

7) 360° Laser marked scale

8) Servo-motor can be used for industrial application

Model PX110-100

Structure Angle Range 360°

Stage Diameter Φ100mm

Transmission Ratio 180:1

Transmission System Worm Gear

Guide Bearing

Base Material Aluminum Alloy

Surface Treatment Black Anodized

Zero Position Optional

Accuracy Resolution 0.01° (Non Micro-Stepping)

0.0005° (20 Micro-Stepping)

Max. Speed 20°/sec

Repeatability 0.005°=18″

Positioning Accuracy 0.01°=36″

Surface Roundness 15µ