Method Of Use Of Stereoscopic Microscope

- Nov 14, 2019-

Method of use of stereoscopic microscope

(1) after installing the microscope, after ensuring that the supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the microscope, the microscope can be plugged in, the power switch can be turned on, and the lighting mode can be selected;

(2) according to the observed specimens, select the table plate (when observing the transparent specimens, select the ground glass table plate; Observe the opaque specimen, select the black and white table plate), mount into the rotation stage, and lock;

(3) loosen the fastening screw on the focusing slide seat, adjust the height of the mirror body, visually measure the working distance at about 80mm (make it roughly the working distance consistent with the selected magnification factor of the microscope objective lens), lock the bracket, and tighten the safety ring against the focusing bracket;

(4) after the eyepiece is installed, loosen the screw on the eyepiece tube, and tighten the screw after the eyepiece is installed (be very careful when the eyepiece is put into the eyepiece tube, do not touch the lens surface);

(5) adjust the pupil distance. When the user observes the field of view through two eyepieces that is not a circular field of view, the user should pull the two prism boxes to change the exit pupil distance of the eyepiece tube so that a completely coexisting circular field of view can be observed (indicating the pupil distance has been adjusted);

stereoscopic microscope

(6) observe specimens (focus specimens). First, adjust the viewing circle on the left eyepiece tube to the position of 0-cut. Normally, first from the right eyepiece tube (that is, the fixed eyepiece tube) in the observation, will change times cylinder (change times when the device models) turn to highest position, turn the manual rotating stage focusing on specimen, until the specimen as clear, again turn cylinder change times to times the lowest position, at this time, with the left eyepiece drum observation, such as no clear, along the axial adjustment eyepiece tube the visibility on the ring, until the specimen as clear, and then eyes to observe the focusing effect;

(7) at the end of observation, turn off the power, remove the specimen and cover the microscope tightly with a dust cover.