Metallurgical Microscopes (FD11-6A)

- Oct 11, 2017-


Wild-field eyepieces...WF10X WF12.5X
...6V 30W halogen lamp with adjustable brightness
Polarizer attachment
Mechanical stage...X-Y travel range 75mm x 50mm
Optional accessories
1) Plan achromatic objectives
...PL2.5/0.07 PL4/0.10 PL20/0.35
2) Reticule eyepiece...WF10X (0.1mm/division)
3) micrometer...0.01mm/division)
4) Photo eyepieces...S5X S6.3X 0.65X
5) 35mm photo attachment...Photo size 24mm x 36mm
6) 6 x 8cm photo set...Photo size 54mm

ItemStandard Outfits
Main Body11
Mechanical stage with a stroke of 75 by 50 and size of 180 by 15511
Plan eyepiece 10X-1811
Plan eyepiece 12.X-1411
Huygenian ocular 5X-2000
Plan eyepiece 10X-2000
Plan reticle eyepiece 10X-1411
Achroment objective 4/0.101 
Achroment objective 10/0.251 
S-plan achromat objective 40/0.651 
Achromat objective 100/1.25 oil1 
Plan achromat objective 2.5/0.0700
Plan achromat objective 4/0.10 0
Plan achromat objective 10/0.25 1
Plan achromat objective 20/0.3501
Plan achromat objective 40/0.65 1
S-plan achromat objective 100/1.25 oil 1
Stage plate (1)11
Stage plate (2)11
Stage plate (3)11
Stage plate (4)00
Stage plate holder11
Rotating binocular head (45 degree)11
Lamp housing11
Halogen lamp 6V30W11
Specimen clamps11
Photo adaptor00
Photo eyepiece S5x00
Photo eyepiece S6.3X00
Video eyepiece 0.65X00
Metallurgical Microphotography equipments00
35mmDF camera with shutter release00
Specimen holder00
Stage micrometer (division 0.01mm)00
Note:“1”in the table is standard attachment. “0”is optional accessories. Design change: To keep pace with technological advance ,we have reserved  the right to make design modifications and changes without notice.