Meaning And Usage Of Vibration Isolation Platform

- Mar 25, 2020-

How to use the vibration isolation platform? What is the vibration isolation platform? You may not know these problems very well. For the related knowledge in this area, I have sorted out the following contents, hoping to help you.

First, wipe the table of the rigid vibration isolation platform with a clean cloth with low fiber, put the standard level instrument gently in the middle of the platform, then adjust the adjusting ring, correct the level, turn it down clockwise, and turn it up anticlockwise, so that the horizontal bubble can be adjusted to the middle position.

Then one hand is used to fix the adjusting ring, the other hand is used to tighten the pressure plate anticlockwise to lock the relative height, and then any equipment or tools on the worktable must be handled with care, and relative friction is not allowed as far as possible, so as to avoid damage to the worktable and reduce the precision of use.

Note: the worktable mounting hole is the M6 screw hole used to fix the equipment. Avoid using too much force to affect the precision of the worktable.

The rigid vibration isolation platform is superior to the competitor's optical platform in quality and performance. In addition, a standard mobile caster is installed at the bottom, which is convenient for users to move in the workplace anytime and anywhere. The bedplate adopts the honeycomb sandwich structure, which has the advantages of light weight, high rigidity, high damping, etc.

Product introduction:

1. Stable and reliable structure;

2. Precision grinding of worktable, complete removal of finishing marks, smooth and high accuracy of shape;

3. Solid damping vibration isolation;

4. The table top is made of high-quality steel, honeycomb core and strong steel without deformation.

5. Special specifications and special materials are received and customized.