Manual Lifting Platform PT-OD35

- Nov 16, 2020-

Product Description

Model NO.: PT-OD35

Origin: China

The lifting table is mainly used in the situation where the lifting adjustment is needed. The function is similar to the fine-tuning lifting bracket. However, the adjustment stability is better, it can bear large gravity, and the adjustment resolution is high.

When adjusting, loosen the locking screw first, and then adjust the fine adjustment nut to the required height. There are mounting holes on the table to facilitate users to install components. The working table is connected with the support base with M6 bolts. The support rod and other parts can be connected through the internal M6 thread when the worktable is removed.


Base heighth(mm):35/50/60/75/100/125

Increment (mm):10/20/10/25/25/35

Minimum   resolution (mm):0.003/0.003/0.003/0.003/0.003/0.003

load (kg):7/7/10/10/10/10

dead weight (kg):0.28/0.37/0.3/0.53/0.66/0.78