Manual Lab Stage Product Recommendation

- Jan 09, 2020-

Beijing PDV Instrument Co., Ltd is a collection of optics, precision machinery, automatic control technology independent high-tech research and development enterprises.

Today I would like to recommend a manual lift table

Precision manual lifting platform: PT-SD408/409

Product Specification:

* used for adjustment of large stroke, non quantitative and large load

It adopts shear shaped lifting support, fine grinding lead screw drive, double guide rail and five axis positioning mechanism to ensure absolute stability, comfort, high precision and large load

* the upper and lower sides are designed with multiple holes, which is applicable and can be used as the installation surface

* equipped with locking hand wheel, safe and reliable

There are connection holes with standard hole distance between the base and the table, which is convenient for use in combination with other series of products

About our Product:

PT-SD408 The Travel is 60mm,and PT-SD409 is 120mm,You can choose according to your own needs.


This is PT-SD408


This is PT-SD409