Precise Manual Goniometer Plafform

- Oct 26, 2020-

Model Number:PT-SD60-50R/PT-SD60-50L/PT-SD60-75R/PT-SD60-75L/PT-SD601-50    

Driving Mode:Micrometer Head    

Operating Position:Right/Left/Right/Left/Center    

Rotating Center:50mm/75mm/50mm    

Minimum Scale:=33”/degree    =24”/degree    =33”/degree    

Platform Size:60×60mm    

Travel Range:XY PlaneTravel Range:XY Plane     ±7°    

Travel Guide:V-Groove Roller Guide    

Load Capacity:5kgf(49N)     


Surface Preparation:Aluminum Alloy-Black-anodized    


PDV has many different motorized linear translation stage including motorized translation stage, motorized linear stage, High Precision Motorized Goniometer Stages High Precision Motorized XY Stages、 High quality China Motorized Linear Stage.   They can be any combination, building block structure, can satisfy any scene usage requirement.

It is used for the fixation and adjustment of objective lens and lens.Meet the requirements of your experimental scenario.

If our standard doesn't meet your needs, you can customize it.