Manual Angle Stage Manual Rotation Stage Micro Rotary Platform

- Sep 03, 2020-

Manual angle stage Manual Rotation Stage Micro Rotary Platform

Manual Rotation Stage Product introduction

The working principle of the manual rotary table is to drive the turbine to rotate by the pitch generated by the rotation of the vortex bar. The table and the turbine are connected to rotate together. The central axis of the vortex bar of the turbine is perpendicular to each other and cross matched to realize the transmission. The worm drive is equivalent to the screw drive, which can play the self-locking function for the multi tooth meshing transmission. The precision worm and worm manual rotary table has high precision, adjustable shaft clearance, good stability, 360 ° circle marking, convenient reading, and standard hole spacing at the upper and lower parts.

Manual angle stage Manual Rotation Stage Micro Rotary Platform Product parameters


Platform   Size〔 mm 〕:φ 40

Trip〔°〕:crude:   360   tiny:± 5

Min   reading:2   °

Mini   reading of differential head:about   1 ′ 24.2 ″

Guide   form:Slide   guide

Main   materials:brass

surface   treatment:Black   chrome

carrying   capacity〔 N 〕:49.0   ( 5.0kgf )

Maxi    bearing moment〔 N·m 〕:0.3

Torque   stiffness〔″ /N·cm 〕:1.5

Parallelism〔μ   m 〕:20

Eccentricity〔μ   m 〕:20

mesa   jumping〔μ m 〕:20

weight〔   kg 〕:0.3kg