Laboratory Equipment Management Elements

- Feb 21, 2020-

First, the storage of laboratory equipment

It is very important to keep this piece of equipment and equipment, so it is necessary to have someone responsible for it, and to do a good job of classifying equipment and instruments. The details include the following seven points:

1. It is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of all kinds of instruments, and the test instruments should be managed by special personnel.

2. Classification of precision instruments, each instrument should be periodically calibrated and tested.

3. Do a good job in the use, movement and verification of all types of instruments.

4. No instruments can be borrowed without normal procedures.

5. The instrument should be stored in a standardized manner and kept clean and tidy.

6. If the instrument is returned, it should be checked for damage, and the damage will be reported immediately and repaired in time.

7. The experimenter is responsible for the daily storage of the instrument.

Second, the maintenance of laboratory equipment

The routine maintenance of equipment and equipment is a common means to ensure the stability and reliability of the instrument and equipment. Especially for large instruments and equipment, pay attention to dust, moisture, mildew and sun protection. Take effective measures to ensure that the instrument is not affected by external factors. For instrument and equipment maintenance, it is mainly the following five points:

1. Before using the instrument, the experimenter should be familiar with its performance, principle and operation procedures. It is strictly forbidden to operate illegally.

2. Non-experimental personnel should not use the instrument.

3. In addition to periodic maintenance, the experimental personnel should also check the condition of the equipment and equipment from time to time, and find that the abnormal equipment should be repaired in time.

4. Non-metering inspection or maintenance personnel shall not disassemble or adjust the mobile equipment at will.

5. Equipment repaired on a periodic basis must be promptly maintained or repaired at the expiration date, and the use time must not be arbitrarily extended.

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