Introduction To Various Types Of Function Structure Of Rotary Table

- May 11, 2020-

Rotary table is a product, a revolutionary new product. It is used in many kinds of rotary sports occasions. It can replace DD motor and cam divider. It integrates high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, and high cost performance. It is a revolutionary product in the rotary motion mechanism. It achieves balance between the two. The repeated positioning accuracy is less than 5 seconds. The motor is easy to prepare, and the load is stable, It can be used with AC servo motor or stepping motor to do any angle segmentation. It can not only meet the digital control that the divider cannot achieve, but also can match the positioning accuracy of DD motor. It can greatly reduce the cost and bring you unexpected results!

Application and production line automation in the transformation of rotary table

Rotating chuck in laser marking or engraving machine

The rotating axis in the precise alignment mechanism

Joint of light load manipulator

The rotating platform is a blank in the current market, which directly replaces the cam divider and DD motor. The hollow rotating platform is a digital rotating platform with high positioning accuracy. It has the advantages of low cost and high precision, and occupies a strong market in the rotating platform category.

Introduction to various types of function structure of rotary table

The worm and worm type rotary table can provide a large transmission ratio (the speed ratio of worm and worm). The structure is relatively compact. The engagement of worm and worm is gradually entering and exiting, so the impact load is small, the rotation is smooth, the load capacity is large, and the accuracy is high. The disadvantage is that the transmission efficiency is low, the friction is large, and when the transmission ratio is large, it is not suitable for high-speed rotation

The worm and worm type rotating table is divided into four series:

Rauk series: built in imported circular grating and cross roller collar, ultra-high feedback accuracy

Rak series: imported cross roller collar, high precision

Rap series: cross roller collar, precision type

RSA series: ordinary bearing, standard precision

Synchronous belt rotating table:

The synchronous belt drive type rotary table has a fast speed, but due to the small transmission ratio, it is not suitable for large load rotation, and the synchronous belt has a certain amount of expansion, which is not suitable for positioning. The gear rotation stages (see Figure 17c) type rotary table has the characteristics of high efficiency, compact structure, stable transmission ratio, etc, However, it is easy to cause tooth surface wear, tooth fracture and tooth mesh over tight. In order to prevent the above situations, a certain clearance is usually required. This clearance is also used to prevent the gear from seizing due to error and thermal deformation, and to leave space for the lubricating oil film between tooth surfaces, but the clearance allows space for reverse rotation and cannot be accurately positioned. Because of the low accuracy of such products, Zhuoli has no longer produced them

Guiding mechanism:

Generally, the guiding mechanism of the rotary table is a bearing or a shaft ring. The quality of the bearing (shaft ring) directly affects the motion performance of the rotary table. The guiding mechanism of the common precision rotary table (such as RSA Series) adopts the ball bearing, while the rap, Rak, rauk, DDR and other series products adopt the high-precision cross roller shaft ring as the guiding mechanism, It has greatly improved the indexes of axial runout (or end runout), radial runout (or radial runout), pitch and yaw of the rotary table, and filled in the blank of similar products in China. In particular, rauk products have built-in high-precision imported circular grating, which can realize closed-loop control with mc600 or TMC series controllers. The closed-loop resolution of the rotary table can reach 1.8 ". The ball in the ball bearing and the guide rail surface are in point contact, The load capacity is small, especially when the ball is used in the inclined or vertical direction, the force on the ball is uneven, and it is easy to wear and produce a gap; the roller in the cross roller shaft ring is in line contact with the V-shaped guide rail surface, according to some data, the load capacity can be increased by more than 13 times, and the cross roller shaft ring can generally bear large axial and radial loads, Whether it is placed horizontally, tilted, vertically or even upside down, the stress of each roller is even, and the wear resistance and durability are greatly increased.