Introduction To PT-GD140G Precise Electric Translating Platform Motorized Linear Stage

- Jun 03, 2020-

Introduction to PT-GD140G Precise Electric Translating Platform Motorized Linear Stage

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1  High precise ball screw provides high-performance

2   Low bearing capacity and a proper travel range were required for this model because of the type of linear ball bearing.

3  XY, XZ and XYZ stages can be stacked by 2 or 3 pieces of this model.

4   Original position and limit switches at both ends which can supply the precision positioning and protection

Model Number:PT-GD140G-50/PT-GD140G-100/PT-GD140G-150/PT-GD140G-200/PT-GD140G-300/PT-GD140G-400/PT-GD140G-500    


Travel Range(mm) :50    100    150    200    300    400    500    

Platform(mm):120x120    120x120    120x120    120x120    120x120    160x160    160x160    

Screw Specifications:Precise Ball Screw (4mm of guide)    Ball Screw (5mm of guide)    

Travel Guide:High Precision Linear Slide Rail    

Stepper Motor :42(1.8°)    57(1.8°)    

Material: Aluminum Alloy    

Surface Preparation:Black-Anodized    

Load Capacity(Kg):30    50    

Weight(Kg):2.8    3.4    4.5    5.2    6.3    7.2    8.3    


8 Subdivision Resolution(μm):2.5    3.125    

Max Velocity:20mm/sec    40mm/sec    50mm/sec    


Absolute Accuracy(μm):8    

Straightness(μm):5    6    8    

Moving Parallelism(μm):10    15    20    

Pitching:25"    50"    60"    

Yawing:20"    25"    30"    


Lost Motion(μm):3    5    

 Accessory:Installing Braking Function (Optional)    

Installing Grating Ruler (Optional)    

Reloading Servo Motor (Optional)    

Installing Dirt Shroud (Optional)      
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