Introduction To Operation And Characteristics Of Scissors Elevator

- Sep 03, 2019-

How to operate scissors elevator

First of all, before using, the leg should be opened and propped up, and the mesa should be adjusted to the level as far as possible. Operators can operate on the mesa by themselves. Generally, the buttons of the conventional mobile elevating platform are all clicked. The buttons of the mobile elevating platform can be raised by pressing the elevating button. When reaching the required height, they can be loosened. When lowering, the buttons of the mobile elevating platform can be pressed It can stop at any height during operation.

The following are the precautions for use.

1. When the lift is in use, the working table should be kept in a horizontal state.

4. Fixed hydraulic elevator shall not move after lifting, and four legs shall not be lifted without tightening.

Advantages of scissors elevator

1. The lifting mechanism is manufactured by large manganese steel tube with high strength.

2. Safety protection device is provided to avoid overload of elevator.

3. It can fold easily and occupy less space.

4. The folding structure is stable in lifting process.

5. The structure of scissors is firm and the clearance is small, and the replenishment is shaking during the rising process.